Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is decades-old technology, but in the world of mobile marketing, it is still a very powerful application tool for promotions, balance checks, conducting surveys, generating leads and much more.

The additional value of USSD is that you don’t need internet access to communicate via USSD, all that is required is a mobile signal. Imagine all the possibilities, opportunities and abilities you could have at your fingertips to communicate with different market segments, promoting your product or service offerings and increasing your brand awareness.

USSD is a global system for communication and is used to send text messages from a mobile phone to an application program that provides certain automated responses. USSD is similar to SMS however the communication between the mobile phone and the application only occurs while in session, whereas an SMS can be stored for several days and delivered to a phone when within network range.

USSD makes self-service perfectly convenient, affordable and increases the value-add to your target audience. This service is accessed by dialling a number that starts with a ‘*’ and ends with a ‘#’ for example: *120#, *134#, *142# (MTC Namibia).  Most service providers use USSD to enable consumers to buy airtime, check bank balances, make payments, conduct surveys and generate leads conveniently and cost effectively.

USSD messages are easy to compose and send.  Most systems allow for 160 characters per USSD screen and with the assistance of project managers at Connect, you can ensure that the content created and communicated to your consumers are well designed and optimised for the target market audience. USSD can add value by providing a quick and convenient real-time response system for clients that is easy to use and that will boost results.

USSD as a service operates on all GSM mobile devices, which means that anyone could have access to your service. Consumers simply need to dial the code from their handset and press the dial button to initiate the session.  It’s that simple and convenient.  Thereafter, following the prompts to retrieve the information or services that they require are self-explanatory.

At Connect Mobile, we will consult with you to determine the objectives for your USSD campaigns and/or service needs.  We will guide you through the process of design, development, integration to your backend and service activation according to your preferences.  Once your USSD campaign or service is operational, our support team will be available to assist and guide you as and when required.

Connect Mobile Communication is a leader in the mobile industry.  Our team is always working hard to improve the customer experience and we believe in building relationships and trust through transparency.

Connect to get Connected.  Visit our website to explore more information about our service offerings – Genius SMS, short codes and bulk SMS or send an email to sales@connect-mobile.co.za.

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