Connect Mobile Managed APN (with Clevercom)

The Connect Mobile Managed APN is part of Connect Mobile’s suite of connectivity tools for business. These include secure video calling, full feature SMS and USSD platforms, call centre management tools and dialers, debit order management, secure payslip and statement delivery, mobile payment systems and wallets, airtime and data rewards, integrated vouchers and coupons.

This managed APN is a secure APN solution for businesses who have remote users that need dedicated layer 3 direct routed connections into the business.

In laymen’s terms this means that a remote worker gets a SIM card to use in their device. The device could be a smart phone, a 4G router, a laptop or any other device that uses data. That SIM card can ONLY reach your network. It cannot be used for social media, movie streaming, internet surfing or downloading.

This means that:

a)  The device (and your network) is safer as malicious sites cannot be accessed.
b)  Data savings are huge as only the work network is available – no YouTube, Facebook or TikTok etc.
c)  The network is safer as only white listed SIM cards can access your corporate network.
d)  It is a layer 3 direct routed connection which provides for vastly superior data connectivity.
e)  The data usage is managed by means of data packages and top ups on the SIM side. You’ll never be in the position that massive amounts of data hit your APN and you get an invoice shock at the end of the month.

Layer 3 direct routed connectivity can be explained as follows:

Normal internet is like taking the N1 between Pretoria and Johannesburg in the morning. There are many cars all trying their best to get to their destination as quickly as possible leading to congestion, bumper bashes and long, slow traffic jams.

Layer 3 direct routed is like taking the high speed train – it is on a dedicated route which eliminates the congestion and latency. This is especially important for remote call centre solutions using VOIP protocols!

Examples of people who would use it:

a)  Call centres – call centre staff can work remotely on secured hardware and affordable, managed connectivity. VOIP/SIP calls work seamlessly and access can be managed by agent and time.

b)  Company reps – direct access for each rep to his/her specific department for placing orders or reviewing reports.

c)  General admin and office staff – remote work is encouraged and staff can access internal systems safely.

d)  Executives – safe, reliable and secure access and combined with Connect Mobile’s on premises video calling solution all communications are secured.

e)  Anyone who needs secure, managed and high speed remote connectivity.

A reporting and top-up management platform is made available to IT management in each entity whereby SIMs can be managed and grouped by departments and organisations.

Connect Mobile and sister company Clevercom have deployed thousands of managed SIMs into organisations supporting call centres of 200+ people working remotely.

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