What are short codes?

Short codes within South Africa are usually five-digit codes used by companies as a means for their customers or potential customers to communicate with them.  Short codes are easy to remember and more and more South Africans are familiarising themselves with this type of SMS solution.

What can short codes be used for?

Many companies use short codes to gather information from potential customers or to gather leads for their business.  Other uses include where Non-Government Organisations (NGO) or Non-Profit Organisations (NPO) make use of premium rated short codes to gather donations.  When an SMS is sent to a premium rated short code, airtime is deducted from a prepaid handset whereas a contract handset is billed monthly.  The revenue generated from the incoming messages are then paid out to the NGO or NPO to fund their cause.

In certain instances, companies use short codes as a quicker means to submit information packs to potential customers.  Once incoming content is detected an automated response is submitted to the customer which may include links or more information to aid conversion.  Most companies don’t have a database to communicate or promote their services to, in these cases short codes are acquired and advertised to ultimately form and build a database.  Our campaign managers are always available to provide advice on the best practice for your campaign.  What’s more is that our Plugin platform allows you to view responses, select winners and more.

What are the different types of short codes?

Standard – The cost for the customer to submit a message to a standard rated code is the same cost as a standard SMS.

Premium – Rate bands up to R1.50 are available for clients that wish to run a competition and earn revenue share to either cover the costs of running the promo or to fund the prize.

Reverse Billed – By making use of a reverse billed short code you ensure that even those without a positive airtime balance can engage with your brand or enter your competition free of charge.  Most educational institutions prefer this option as a means for students to communicate at no cost to them.

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