If you are using Plugin but always wondered what additional features you could use to streamline your workflow, this article is for you! If you’re not familiar with Plugin and how it can help your business succeed, take a look at this article first.

So now that you know how to send an SMS on Plugin and you’re getting good traction from your SMSes, let’s take you from an everyday-user to a power user. Plugin has a plethora of features that can help you make better business decisions as well as just make your general sending of SMS easier. Take a look!

Genius SMS

Ever wondered how SMSes could bolster your online marketing presence? Or have you ever wondered how to make your SMSes more appealing with YouTube links, GIFs, or even PDFs? That’s why we developed Genius SMS. Genius SMS is an easy way to do all of that and more. Need more engagement on your social media platforms? Link it in an SMS and let your contacts share your message on all social media platforms, directly from the SMS. Even on Whatsapp!

Advanced Reporting

What’s the use in sending SMS traffic and having no way of seeing statistics on how successful your campaign was? With Plugins’ advanced reporting functionality, it’s possible to not only see delivery rates on regular SMSes, but also see what type of engagement your prospective clients had with your Genius SMSes.

Our advanced reporting is not only for getting useful feedback on active and past campaigns, but we also provide comprehensive financial reports that can be used to track your spend and make better business decisions. If you’re constantly accessing Plugin for your latest reports, Plugin has the ability to send your report to you via email on a regular basis.

Blacklist (Opt out Management)

The Blacklist Manager on Plugin allows you to create lists and upload mobile numbers that have opted out from SMS communication either on a global or campaign level.The getlo.st web interface which if enabled, allows consumers to opt out by merely following a link in the SMS. Thereafter the number will be automatically added to a Web Opt Out list on the blacklist manager ultimately ensuring compliance.


The Category manager allows you to create and manage Clients and Categories from within Plugin. Clients and Categories serve as virtual tags for your bulk SMS batches, contacts and templates, allowing you to organise your data within Plugin to match your business structure. The Category manager provides a simple but dynamic organisational structure that can support most business use cases.

Plugin is a great multi-tool to add to your workflow and add more value to your mobile marketing campaigns. Speak to us and let us assist you with setting up a system that works for you. Want to get started? Click here to register a free SMS account today!