Marketing in 2020 is a completely different ball game to what it was 10 years ago. With the rise of social media and fast-food content consumption, it’s difficult to stand out in the crowd. If folks from the marketing firm Yankelovich, Inc. are right, the average modern person is exposed to around 5,000 ads per day. However, one type of marketing has continued to shine through the crowded space that is the marketing industry: SMS.

When one thinks of all the different varieties of marketing techniques and methods available to us in 2020, not many of them produce the same results as direct mobile marketing. While online ads on other platforms fill the gaps and fight for your attention an SMS is the content you’re consuming. But instead of singing the praises of SMS marketing, what better way to experience it for yourself than with our dedicated and easy-to-use SMS platform, Plugin.

Our web-based Plugin platform has all the features you need to send and receive bulk SMS and to review the success of your SMS campaign. Upload files of numbers, create dynamically varying SMS content, and send to your heart’s content. Whether it’s a single SMS to a specific client or a batch of 100 000 messages to all your prospective clients, Plugin has the capability to handle all your messaging needs, and all packed into an extremely easy workflow. So simple in fact, that this workflow is built on three questions: Who, What, and When.

WHO? – Upload files, de-duplicate numbers or even just manually type in who you want to send to, anywhere in the world, and Plugin will handle the rest. Repeatedly contacting the same people? Build contact lists and populate these lists with a variety of information like surname, or even date of birth – a useful addition to allow for birthday SMSs.

WHAT? – Draft SMS content on-the-fly, or generate complex SMS content with placeholders that pre populate with content unique to each specific mobile number/contact. Not sure if you’ve gone over the 160 character limit? Not to worry, Plugin will count for you and let you know how many parts you’re sending per SMS.

WHEN? – Drafted the perfect marketing message but still not ready to send it? No problem, Plugin allows you to pause batches for review, schedule individual batches as well as send instantaneously. It puts the flexibility in your hands.

Plugin is for the marketer who just needs a simple way to reach their client base, but is also packed with features for the power-user that needs it. There’s plenty more about Plugin that we haven’t even told you yet, like easily viewing and downloading real-time reports, and our breakthrough feature Genius SMS which allows you to send rich content as a link via SMS. Keep an eye out for our next article.

Register today or send an email to for more information.  At Connect Mobile we have what you need to plug in to the mobile realm.