Marketing has become very challenging in many industries and may be more complicated than initially anticipated by many marketers.  Before you decide on your marketing strategy or communication approach, it is critical to understand your target audience. The result or effectiveness of your marketing campaign will be determined by the responses and behaviour of your target audience. Ideally, a marketer will endeavour to execute a marketing campaign that is both cost-effective and measurable.

“There won’t be a better marketing medium or device, reaching more end-users in a faster, effective time, for the next five generations.” Connect Mobile Communication

The future is mobile and we as marketers need to identify and understand our target audience in order to determine where possible opportunities lie.

Bulk SMS mobile marketing – The fastest, most convenient and cost-effective approach to communicate, promote and boost your brand; delivering your marketing message directly into the hands of your consumers.  Mobile marketing is an instant and direct form of communication at some of the lowest prices on the market.

However, it is imperative for marketers to understand the importance of content quality over quantity when communicating to your audience.  You do not want to bombard your audience with excessive or irrelevant information. Keeping messages across different communication channels short and to the point is ideal.

Bulk SMS marketing is proven to have better communication performance and results compared to email marketing and other communication channels.  Bulk SMS also has far better engagement success than any other marketing communication tool in its class.  Every current or potential client has a mobile phone – young and old – which provides further opportunities to optimise your communication approach for sharing relevant information and keeping in touch with your target audience.

Connect Mobile Communication developed a unique bulk SMS solution called Genius SMS, which allows consumers to absorb information sent to them on mobile quicker and more effectively.  Through Genius SMS you are able to add and include the following in your message: PDF flyers, website links, social media links, company location links, the option to share the message on WhatsApp as well as social media platforms – reaching millions of consumers daily.  Consumers will also have the ability to respond to your bulk SMS campaigns, which will allow you to acquire relevant data, and measure your Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). Why spend more time and money on old fashioned marketing communication channels that quite simply do not provide the same value? Optimise your marketing strategy and budget today.

Connect Mobile offers a reliable bulk SMS gateway customised to your specific requirements.  You don’t need to download any software to your computer. Simply visit our website, register for free in less than 30 seconds, log in to your account and get started. We will provide you with sufficient, free SMS credits once you have completed the quick and user-friendly online tutorial, in order to experience the value of our unique service offering.  The Connect Mobile team is always available to assist you.

Features and Benefits:

No monthly subscription fees;
Only pay per SMS sent – *1 message of 160 characters = 1 credit;
Send messages to over 900 networks around the globe and enjoy access to our online SMS platform for reporting;
Personalise messages for individuals and groups;
Schedule messages to be sent out at specific dates and times;
Full reporting on all messages sent out, and analytics on data to enhance future marketing campaigns; and
You will receive SMS replies in real-time and have the option to redirect replies to your preferred locations: email address, system or call centre.

Whether you send 1 000 or 10 million SMS messages per month, the level of service provided to you will be of the highest quality. We cannot afford to over-promise and under-deliver – we treasure all types of traffic. Connect to get Connected.

Visit our website to explore more information about our service offerings – USSD, short codes and Genius SMS or send an email to