Are you searching for mobile marketing solutions but not quite sure what suits your business need best?  Are you keeping up to date with mobile marketing trends and industry innovations?  When it comes to consumer behaviour, according to research psychology and statistical evidence, for a customer or client to buy in on your offering they had to have been exposed to your marketing message anywhere between six to 22 times. (Source:  Nick Smith (2016) Mobile Marketing in a week.)

Genius bulk SMSs are one of the most effective mobile marketing solutions on the market that creates a massive marketing impact with little effort and low cost to your company.  Genius SMS is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to send flyers, YouTube videos and more via a hyperlink included in your text message.   What’s more is the option to add your company’s location, website or social pages. Companies that have used our Genius SMS solution have experienced on average a 13% increase in website traffic and time spent on their website also increased from an average of 14 to 25 minutes per session.

Bulk SMS marketing is much more affordable and effective compared to other marketing solutions on the market.  If the average spend on a piece of paper and envelope is 34c, getting your message across with the use of Genius SMS at 18c (ex VAT) is too good to ignore.  According to multiple research studies conducted there is empirical evidence to prove that SMS marketing has a much higher open and conversion rate than email.  Easily track the effectiveness of Genius SMS by viewing the traffic statistics on the insights provided by Facebook.  Top sources is one of the insights that show how people are landing on your Facebook page – by using Genius SMS as communication method you will soon learn that it drives potential consumers to your page.

Whether you send a 1000 or 10 million bulk SMS messages per month, the level of service provided to you is of the highest quality. We cannot afford to over promise and underdeliver. Connect to get Connected.  Visit our website to explore more information about our service offerings – USSD, short codes and bulk SMS or send an email to