MyBroadband recently posted an article where Old Mutual landed in hot water for being accused of not adhering to the mobile marketing conditions as set out in the short-term and long-term insurance acts.

According to the Policyholder Protection Rules (PPRs) last updated in 2017 by the Financial Services Board (FSB), insurance companies need to adhere to standards when sending any form of direct marketing, whether it be through calls, SMS, or voice messages. In short, insurance advertisers must allow end-users to opt-out from future marketing communications and this response must be free to the consumer.  An extract of the clause is included below.

10.10 Unwanted direct advertising

10.10.1 Where an insurer or any person acting on its behalf uses a telephone or mobile phone call, voice or text message or other electronic communication for an advertisement, it must allow the policyholder during that call or within a reasonable time after receiving the message, the opportunity to demand that the insurer or other person does not publish any further advertisements to the policyholder through any of these mediums.

10.10.2 An insurer or any person acting on its behalf may not charge a policyholder a fee or allow a service provider to charge a policyholder any fee for making a demand in terms of rule 10.10.1.

So what does this have to do with FTEU and what does that mean? FTEU is the new concept for reverse billed configuration and stands for “Free to End User” – a concept that has long been discussed in mobile marketing circles as a necessary component to not only help spur ROI of SMS campaigns but to ultimately comply with direct marketing regulations. The way it works is the company who is sending the marketing SMS covers the cost of the response from the consumer.

Allowing end-users to reply for free substantially increases responses on direct marketing campaigns. Anyone can respond regardless of whether they have airtime or not, leaving no barriers between potential leads and your company. Along with this, it makes you compliant with the FSB, WASPA, and all other mobile marketing regulatory institutes in South Africa like the DMASA. Peace of mind for your compliance department, marketing department and most importantly, your clients.

For years we have offered FTEU solutions (RSA only) in the form of bulk SMS, short codes as well as USSD.  What’s more is that we will provision dedicated sender ranges to ensure that your intended customer has your content threaded on their handset. Non-insurance companies have also adopted the FTEU strategy which has boasted an influx of leads as most SMS recipients respond while not knowing that they have a low airtime balance.  Want to become compliant or boost leads?  Click here to complete our online contact form or send an email to

Download the documentation below.