Rapid advances in technology are disrupting the way we live and operate daily. Consumers don’t respond to printed flyers, e-mail campaigns or local radio advertisements as positively as a decade ago. Running effective marketing campaigns, optimising your marketing budget and hoping you have identified the correct target audience might be expensive or too risky for your company.

Connect Mobile identified this challenge and opportunity a couple of years ago and developed an innovative bulk SMS communication platform and introduced this solution to different industries. Example – food franchises have experienced an incredibly successful response by changing over to mobile marketing campaigns resulting in satisfied customers and positive return on marketing investment (ROMI).

Printed media has become a less effective method of advertising due to the larger impact and ease of the sending of SMSs at lower costs together with the ability of targeted marketing. Promoting small discounts and value-added offerings via SMS has become a useful tool to increase brand awareness and revenue.


Pizza franchise X – a well-known pizza and pasta restaurant wanted to communicate promotions and increase their daily foot traffic as well as overall monthly revenue. Their objective was to encourage customers to visit and order meals from them on a weekly basis. They succeeded to build a loyal customer base with regular special offers sent via weekly bulk SMSs.


A bulk SMS campaign was devised and sent to 3500 mobile numbers in surrounding suburbs as well as existing consumers on their current database. The response rate and foot traffic exceeded expectations. The main objective was to increase weekly sales and positive feedback from customers. The pie chart illustrates overall positive feedback recorded from the bulk SMS campaign.


Advertising via SMS is affordable, easy and effective. Bulk SMS creates a massive marketing impact with minimal effort and low cost-to-company. According to a study from SinglePlatform and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey, 81% of customers search for restaurants on their mobile devices. SMSs sent directly to their mobile handsets will alleviate the temptation of searching for alternatives.

By enticing potential consumers with small discounts, two for one specials or free offers increases the probability that they will return. There is a massive increase in the number of restaurants that are making use of bulk SMS marketing.

Bulk SMS campaigns are successful at communicating promotional offers, increasing sales and retaining customers.


Some companies have experienced a significant increase in their daily turnover on the days that SMS marketing campaigns were sent. According to an article published by Hannah Harrington on the average open rate for SMS marketing campaigns is 98% compared to just a 20% open rate from an email marketing campaign.

Harrington continues to state that the average person responds to an SMS within 90 seconds, compared to 90 minutes for an email. Harrington concluded her open rate statistics by stating that even though the world is distracting, SMS marketing is a direct route to the attention of your audience.

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