Short for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, USSD is decade-old technology, but in the world of mobile marketing, it is still a very powerful application tool for promotions, balance checks, conducting surveys, generating leads and much more. USSD Example: *120*0000#. Mobile banking and airtime recharge facilities have made use of USSD since their inception – to such an extent that many people do not even realise they are interacting with a USSD application.

With tested capacity at over 450 million sessions per month, Connect Mobile provides robust communication gateways that support surveys, competitions and consumer engagement, as well as real-time data and service requests. Connect Mobile can assist you with planning, development, management and reporting for your mobile marketing campaigns.


Brand X required a cost-effective solution to optimise a promotional campaign that was encouraged through a competition, in order to generate more brand awareness, increase revenue and add a fun element associated with the brand. Connect Mobile introduced USSD to Brand X and their competition campaign was run on USSD. Customers were prompted to enter a unique code found on their product packaging to the relevant USSD competition code, for example: *120*0000#.

One entrant was randomly selected every hour for 12 hours, to select 12 entrants per day. From the 12 entrants, one lucky winner was selected daily, by random selection, to be awarded with a R1000 prize. Winners were notified via SMS. The USSD code was advertised and displayed on the promotional products in store. Each product contained a unique code. The promotional campaign ran for a period of two months.


Brand X prompted questions that customers had to answer before entering their unique code. These questions requested demographical information such as asking customers:

1. Which province they live in;
2. What store they purchased the product from; and
3. How old they were.

They were informed of the Terms and Conditions that apply and provided with a link to the website. When a customer dialed in repeatedly, the USSD application server recognised a re-entry automatically and prompted different questions prior to the person entering their unique code such as:

1. Who are you buying the product for?; and
2. How often do you consume the product?

The survey information acquired clearly indicated the unique type of consumer most interested in the product. The results also revealed that customers consume the product twice a week or more and the respondents were typically between the ages of 25 and 39. The majority of product purchases were for children, living in Gauteng and was purchased at a major retailer.


• 251,667 – Successful entries during the two-month period.
• 1,266,060 – Total number of attempts on the USSD code.
• 169,974 – Number of valid completed entries that qualified to be in the draw.
• 107,857 – Winners entered into the draw.
• 156,735 – Unique entries (valid or invalid).


Connect Mobile developed a robust USSD application server and we offer USSD services across South Africa and Namibia (MTC network). USSD or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data is a two-way live interaction service that allows you to display a menu on a user’s handset and enables the user to interact with this menu. USSD is not mobile device dependant and can be operated without any form of activation required.

USSD content can be personalised according to the info the customer has entered and if requested, dropped sessions can be picked up wherever they left off. Depending on the length of the USSD menu, communication with the customer can be completed in just a few seconds at a rate of only 20c/20sec. We offer standard, premium, reverse billed and NI (Network Initiated) USSD services. Responses are obtained in real time with full reporting available.

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