Simple, convenient and cost effective – Bulk SMS is the easiest way to deliver a message into your customer’s hands.  Our web-based software allows for easy sending, as well as live, in depth reporting.  If preferred, both HTTP and SMPP integration are available.  Connect Mobile offers global connectivity to over 900 networks.  We have preferred global partners that offer us reliable, cost effective routes to deliver Bulk SMS anywhere in the world.

Below are seven ways in which your business can apply and extend Bulk SMS technology based on our cutting edge multi-national messaging infrastructure.


Important and time sensitive customer updates can be sent directly to your customer using Bulk SMS.  Send updates to your customers about specials, your loyalty programs and more.

Emergency Notification

Bulk SMS is a great way to notify your staff group or team members during an emergency.  Send critical updates during natural disasters, last minute event location changes or just before your company’s AGM and more.


Send the latest deals to your opt-in database to entice customers to purchase goods or services on promotion.

Contests and Competitions

Launch a Bulk SMS based competition to build your customer base with the use of five-digit short codes that can be advertised anywhere (billboards, social media or in-store).  Connect’s in-house team of competition managers can easily manage your campaigns and award prizes (auditing included).

Customer Service

Offer customer support and complaints resolutions via Bulk SMS.

General SMS

Use Bulk SMS as an additional tool to have customers complete surveys on service delivery satisfaction or the like.

Bulk SMS


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    Sign up for our free newsletter and enjoy up-to-date information on our features, platform benefits and more!


      I’m a reseller of bulk SMS and other services and was in the market for a tool to increase my SMS sales, Genius SMS was the answer. I’ve been a client for many years now and enjoy the way they approach product development with the end-user in mind.

      Chris Balak, PC2SMS

      In this digital age we as a business require ‘clever’ content to encourage potential leads to engage with our suite of brands – Genius SMS is a terrific tool! The fact that one can add an opt-out link using Genius SMS allows my customers to send campaigns to any destination, regardless of whether it is a two-way message or not, while adhering to privacy laws in most countries. This feature has opened up new markets for my business.

      Gary Berman, GAS Marketing Automation

      The level of customer service that I receive from the Connect team is excellent. They’re not only quick to respond to requests but also always happy to go the extra mile. They are the kings and queens of customer service!

      Charlene McKenzie, Tixsa