With the disruption in technology advances, current economic challenges and expensive marketing strategies, many companies are searching for innovative solutions to curb operational costs and decrease expenses such as marketing budget spend.  Connect Mobile offers bulk SMS marketing solutions which are currently the cheapest and most cost-effective marketing channel to reach and communicate with your target market.

Connect Mobile’s bulk SMS services are not only great for advertisement and promotional marketing endeavours but also provides value-add in automated communications for clients who track which messages are received and how the market responds to their bulk SMS campaignsOur bulk SMS services allow for delivery of customer billing information, payment reminders, special offerings and discounts, appointment reminders and more.

Bulk SMS platform features and benefits:

No monthly subscription fees;
Only pay per SMS sent – 1 message of 160 characters = 1 credit;
Send bulk SMSs globally and enjoy access to our online portal for results;
Personalise messages for individuals and groups;
Schedule messages to be sent out at specific dates and times;
Full reporting on all messages sent and allows for analysis of your data to better plan and enhance future marketing campaigns; and
You will receive SMS replies (two-way communication) in real-time and have the option to redirect replies to your preferred locations: email, CRM system or call centre.

With a couple of decades’ collective experience in the bulk communication industry, team Connect are leaders and believers in our service offering.  We innovate, create and communicate and yes, we can also integrate with your system. That is what we do, we deliver.

Whether you send a 1000 or 10 million bulk SMS messages per month, the level of service provided to you is of the highest quality.   We cannot afford to over promise and underdeliver – we treasure all types of traffic.  Connect to get connected.

Visit our website to explore more information about our services offerings – USSD, short codes and Genius SMS or send an email to sales@connect-mobile.co.za.