Business Messaging Solutions

At Connect Mobile we specialise in communication solutions to enable you to connect and communicate with customers around the world. Whether you are sending bulk SMS messages, generating leads with short codes or using USSD to conduct surveys, you are guaranteed a service experience streamlined to perfection.

Our world-class web-based SMS platform is designed for you to easily engage with customers. Our robust gateways deliver hundreds of messages per second - one of our many strong suits. Discover all the possibilities of mobile messaging with our comprehensive suite of communication solutions.

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Our Services

Bulk SMS

Send and receive messages using our powerful messaging solutions. Use our communication platform Plugin or connect via API.

SMS Short codes

Designed to encourage customer interaction, these five-digit codes make it easy for clients to request a call back, enter a competition and more.


Whether you wish to launch a simple competition or run an internal survey - we can do it all.

Branded Messages

Elevate your brand presence and transform the way you communicate with your audience through this dynamic, secure and engaging channel.

Our Products

Use our internet-based Plugin platform to send messages, manage databases, view replies to short codes, monitor USSD sessions and more.

Get WhatsApp for your business! Genius Bots is a comprehensive chatbot platform for any business that can plug into multiple channels that can be managed from our Plugin platform. Genius Bots supports human as well as automated chatbot application flows, and can even be plugged into USSD applications. Whether you want to chat to your customers on WhatsApp, Telegram or via the web - our bot platform can do it all!

A nimble marketing tool that allows you to send digital flyers, PDF documents and YouTube videos using SMS.

You can track who opened the link, visited your Facebook page or shared your content to WhatsApp.

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